The best way to optimize & control 

your EV charging stations


Provides the best user experience for EV charging from operations to drivers

PcVue is a software platform to monitor and control EV charge stations giving access to a wide range of services for all EV stakeholders.

Known by 500+ worldwide certified installers the platform can be customized and deployed to meet your needs.


Differents needs, one platform

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Operation manager

Delivers EV charge services to users with an efficient system

 Monitoring & control of any manufacturer charging stations

 Smart assistance for remote operations

 Power optimization

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Maintenance teams

Enhanced team efficiency to keep assets  operational

 Maintenance tasks scheduling

 Teams communication through a secure instant messaging system

 Generation of automated reports

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Stations owners

Best ROI with a long-term solution

 Scalable & able to evolve with minimum additional costs

 Regulatory and standards compliant

 Easy to operate & to maintain

EV Drivers

Smart assistance for vehicle driver

 Easy booking & payment services

 Assist for park slot allocation

 Real-time notifications on charging process

Plug ​& Play

Can be deployed & ready to operate in few clicks!


Connect any services providers you want!


Start with a model and adapt to your needs.  


Starting with few stations you can add hundreds easily !


Hotels, Restaurant, Retail Stores


Private EV fleet

Airport, Rail Stations  

Mall, Shopping Center

Keep your stations under control

Efficient operations 

Make sure that all stations deliver a constant electric charge to vehicles  is a challenge for operations manager.

PcVue offers a perfect platform for monitoring and control any parameters of the stations, optimize the power load balancing and trigger alerts at any time from anywhere.

The operator keep the control on the stations. Always.  

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Save your assets

Fire prevent

Battery fire while charging is a major concern.

PcVue is able to monitor the temperature of any battery in real-time and trigger and alert before a battery fire situation preventing vehicle damages.

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Make the drivers happy

Peace of mind charging

Charging a vehicle can turn into nightmare...wait for an available spot, lack of information, no help in case of troubles are common.

PcVue provides an EV-smart assist mobile app to help the drivers along the EV charge process. It includes a "first in first out" slot allocation  management, an easy booking and payment solution and a virtual assistance on real time. Cherry on the cake the app is fully customizable!

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Connect easily.  

PcVue uses the open standard protocol OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) for monitoring e-charging stations, which ensures the interoperability of products from different manufacturers. It's built-in.


PcVue supports for OCPP 1.6 & 2.01

Smart Charging

PcVue allows power optimization


Deploy and use the platform in few clicks

They chose PcVue 

Charging stations of the e-bus fleet of the city of Jena

"By integrating the monitoring and control system for e-charging stations, all operating states are now visible in the control system, which opens up immediate intervention options for us. The charging infrastructure is thus fully integrated into the operational workflows of the power supply department. The usefulness of the system was proven after just a few weeks in daily operation, especially with regard to controlling temperature fluctuations in the charging stations." Christian Zeh, Testing & Maintenance engineer at Jena's public transportation system

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Optimization and control of nationwide EV charging stations

How FIRALP, a French company of public works and specialized sectors (Energy, Civil engineering, High voltage, etc.),  monitors its charging stations using advanced diagnostic features to increase availability and optimize maintenance activities.

PcVue provides mobile and intelligent solutions allowing the three parties involved: vehicles, charging stations and drivers, a perfect match between availability, charging and time.


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